10-4  Automotive Alley is Open on St. Clair Street

10-4 Vendors in Drake Park

10-4 Potter in the Par

10:45-11:45 Detroit Kryo

12-4 Face Painting 

12-4 Spiderman

10-11 Photos with Batman @Roasted

12 Photos with Batman @Riviera

2:30 Parade in Drake Park

3:00 Kids Costume Contest in Drake Park

3:30 Adults Costume Contest in Drake Park

  • Patchcoats by Carrie @ Riviera Restaurant   
  • 501st Legion @ Drake Park   
  • Author Dan Trudeau @ Waterway Books
  • Vendors, parade, costume contest @ Drake Park   
  • Ghostbusters, KITT, Herbie the Love Bug, General Lee & Roscoe @ Auto Alley (St Clair St)
  • Specialty Comic Con menu @ Anita’s
  • Harry Potter confections @ The Sweet Tooth   
  • Potter in the Park - Women’s Civic Club Park   
  • Arvell Jones and Bill Messner-Loebs @ MC Music and collectibles   
  • Caliber Comics @ The MC Fish Company   
  • Scott Jones, B9 from Lost in Space, & Batman @ Roasted with Perks   
  • Face Painting @ The Blue Pike Cantina   
  • Specialty Cupcakes @ MC Cupcakes   
  • Door prizes @ The Lazy Llama on Broadway  


SCOTT JONES & LOST IN SPACE ROBOT B9 (located at Roasted with Perks)

Artist • Costumer • Modeler • Robot Builder

  • Star Wars sketch card artist for Topps Trading Card Co. (Journey To The Force Awakens, Star Wars Evolution & Rogue One Series 1)
  • 27 years as a graphic artist designing logos and signage.
  • Costumed member of the 501st, Rebel Legion and co-founder of Motor City Ghostbusters.
  • Produces upgrade backlightable panels for plastic model kits.
  • Took 5 years fabricating a full size Lost in Space B-9 Robot with lights and sound.
  • Back again for the 2nd year at the International Marine City Comic Con.
  • Come out to the IMC3 on Saturday June 3rd and stop into Roasted with Perks where Scott will be the featured artist!!

501st LEGION (located at the Mariner & Drake Park)

The International Marine City Comic Con has secured the 501st Legion for this year's event! Great Lakes Garrison is a subdivision of the 501st Legion, the premier Imperial Star Wars costuming group in the world. GLG operates in the state of Michigan and was originally a part of the Midwest Garrison as "Michigan Squad," and then separated into a full-fledged Garrison in December of 2007. Since then, the GLG has contributed significantly to the greater 501st and Star Wars communities.

We are excited to have them spotlighted at our event this year! Come out to the IMC3 Saturday June 3rd as the Great Lakes Garrison swarms the downtown businesses of Marine City!

KIM TURNER ~ ARTIST (located at the Blue Pike Cantina)

The International Marine City Comic Con is proud to announce that we have secured local artist Kim Turner to do face painting during this years Con. She is a wife, a mother and an artist and she loves all three. She has a multitude of interests but has always enjoyed art. Kim has painted for various businesses in Marine City such as Willie Wonka for the Sweet Tooth and a complete mural at The Blue Pike. Meet Kim and get your face painted. She will be the featured attraction at the Blue Pike Cantina!

BATMAN (Roasted with Perks)

The International Marine City Comic Con is proud to announce that Batman will be appearing here for year two! Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in history. He is also called the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight. His superhero partners over the years include sidekick Robin, Batgirl, police commissioner Jim Gordon, and Alfred his assistant and butler.

Batman doesn't have any superhuman powers, but relies on high tech gear, martial arts, and high intelligence. His special gear for fighting crime is often stored in his utility belt. Items Batman can quickly retrieve from his utility belt include a grapple gun for climbing, night vision goggles, bat darts, and batarangs (similar to a boomerang but shaped like a bat).

Come meet Batman at Roasted with Perks as he will be the featured superhero for the scheduled photo shoots!


The International Marine City Comic Con have secured the Great Lakes Ghostbusters for our event in June!

The Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition is a group of devoted Ghostbuster Movie Franchise fans based throughout the State of Michigan.

The Coalition dress in full costume, complete with proton packs and many other prop devices. They appear at many comic cons, parades, and special events throughout the Great Lakes region.

Come meet the Ghostbusters on "Auto Alley" located on St Clair Street where they will be the featured attraction! 

PATCHCOATS BY CARRIE (located at Riviera Restaurant)

The International Marine City Comic Con has secured Carrie Welch of "Patchcoats by Carrie"! In the above photo are examples of what she makes and sells for wearing for fun all the time! Also pictured are some of her 9 sons and one daughter.

Plan on attending the IMC3 in June, as well as bring your family members who are able, in costumes.

Stop into the Riviera Restaurant where Carrie will be the featured artist & have some "Patchcoats" for sale!

DAN TRUDEAU ~ AUTHOR (located at Waterway Books)

The International Marine City Comic Con is very proud to add local author Dan Trudeau to our vendor list! Dan Trudeau was born and raised in the great metropolis of Marine City, Michigan. Dan studied writing and TV/film production at Western Michigan University, where he co-created, co-wrote, and co-starred in The Flying Turtle Show, a sketch and improv comedy review.  Since then, he's written for video productions, small press comics, and has published a collection of his early comedy scripts, Hold On To the Good Stuff. His first novel, Gina Beale: Into the Fire, is now available on Amazon. Be sure to meet Dan Trudeau at WATERWAY BOOKS.

ARVELL JONES ~ ARTIST (located at Marine City Music)

Arvell has been drawing comics for a long time, his earliest work appears in Marvel Comics' Marvel Premiere #20-22 (Jan.-May 1975).  Drawing the martial arts superhero Iron Fist, he also co-created the character MISTY KNIGHT, along with Tony Isabella for the Iron Fist series. Misty Knight was featured in Netflix "Luke Cage" in 2016. 

He also worked on All Star Squadron for DC Comics.   He's worked as a producer for TV shows such as Totally Twisted Flix, The Movie Show Plus, DocU-This and then held the titled of Vice President of Development for CoLours TV, he has been Adjunct Faculty professor in the Illustration Department at the College For Creative Studies. He also has worked as a storyboard artist for a production company. Now serves as company president for a video production company called Encode Entertainment LLC. Between all of that he still finds time to teach and mentor interested artists in working in the comic field where he co-created the 20 year old running Comic Art Workshop. He returns to comics working on commissions for fans and two Indy projects due to be released soon. 

BILL LOEBS - AUTHOR (located at Marine City Music)

The International Marine City Comic Con is proud to bring this Michigan treasure north to the International Marine City Comic Con---Cartoonist, Writer, Penciller, Artist, Inker Bill Messner-Loebs has worked on many characters for Marvel, D.C., Image and more including the Flash, Journey: The Adventures of Wolverine MacAlistaire, Thor and Wonder Woman. He won an Awards Inkpot Award 1987

Since the 1980s he has written substantial runs of series published by DC Comics, Image Comics, Comico, and other smaller comics publishers, including both high-profile superheroes and original creator-owned works which he has also illustrated.

SPIDERMAN aka Dr. Ryan (courtesy of Zimmer Chiropractic)

Dr. Ryan, a board certified chiropractic from Zimmer Chiropractic will be swinging through town on his web as "SPIDERMAN". 

CALIBER COMICS (located in The MC Fish Company)

Caliber Comics is Michigan's largest graphic novel publisher and one of the leading independent comic companies in the industry today. During the 1990's the company helped to launch the careers of dozens of today's top comic creators. Putting into print over 1,300 comics and books in the marketplace. Today, Caliber offers its vast library of comics and graphic novels in both print and digital formats, including all new book releases rolling out that feature a wide diverse line of subject genre with the emphasis on creator owned titles. For more information visit

DETROIT KRYO (Auto Alley - St. Clair Street)

The streets of Marine City will never be the same again. Standing at a towering 9 feet tall, Detroit KRYO is a visually stunning masterpiece that brings fun and excitement to crowds wherever he may be.Designed and constructed by Metro Detroit Local, Kevin Niezurawski, Detroit KRYO is a fully mobile luxury entertainment package featuring lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and more!

Comics - (Drake Park)

The International Marine City Comic Con is happy to announce the addition of Starr Mellendorf to our line up. Starr has obtained several hundred comics she is hoping to part with for pretty much face value. All comics are crisp and in plastic sleeves as well! 

Jason Nuttall - Artist (Drake Park)

Jason Nuttall is an artist based in West Branch, Michigan. His focus is in photo realistic portraiture, but his talents also extend to caricature, and cartooning. He notes that he has been greatly influenced his entire life by Sergio Aragones' GROO and Popeye, as well as George Perez, John Byrne and Jim Lee, to name a few. If you see him at conventions, come by his table and get a caricature!

Joielle Sherman - Artist (Drake Park)

Joielle Sherman is returning to the International Marine City Comic Con with her signature coasters and decorative trays. Joielle's work is exceptional works of art. She and her work will be located under the Big Top in Drake Park. 

Trinkets & Treasures (Drake Park)

Trinkets and Treasures is a mother and daughter team creating beautiful treasures that any geek will be proud to display in their home. Joielle and Theresa Sherman are returning to the International Marine City Comic Con with their signature coasters and decorative trays. The Sherman's work is exceptional works of art. Their work will be located under the Big Top in Drake Park. 

Avonelle Morley (Drake Park)

The IMC3 is proud to announce Custom Clockmaker Avonelle Morley has joined our Con! Avonelle has been an author and crafter/artist for the last 20 years. She enjoys what she does and really enjoys engaging with her customers. She has been married forever and has 3 dogs, 2 Chihuahuas and a Labrador retriever who is a retired guide dog for the blind.